Finding the right Nursing and Pumping Bra

Welcome to my Motherhood Bra Guide! Being a Mama means buying lots of things for your new cutie pie. Many times, we put our own needs aside. Today I am sharing reviews about 3 Nursing and Pumping Bras I found and tried on Instagram. One of the best things you can invest in is a bra that you love for this new season of life. If you are nursing and pumping, normal bras will quickly become an annoying thing and it can be overwhelming selecting a nursing and pumping bra from the growing selection on the internet. Below I will be sharing my thoughts on the ones that I’ve tried in hopes to make the selection easier for you! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. * I will continue to update as new bras come in!

For reference, here are my measurements.



The first thing I look for is support. Since my breast are on the larger side, I need support! Something that drives me crazy is when you bend over to grab something and your ladies just pop right out! So when I’m reviewing nursing and pumping bras, I’m looking for support that allows freedom of movement.

Ease Of Use

For nursing bras I’m looking for one handed open and close. For pumping I’m looking for openings that are compatible with flanges from different styles of pumps.

Sleep Friendly

Comfort in sleep is important to me. For ladies with larger breast, it’s quite annoying to wake up with one of your breast no longer covered. Because of that, this category I’m looking for coverage and support while sleeping on my side.

Coverage / Modesty

Not everyone cares about coverage and modesty, especially with undergarments but this is still something important to me. For nursing bras, I would like to still feel covered. I want to be able to prepared just in case I need to feed in public.

Things To Consider

Please keep in mind that these are my preferences so these things may not bother you like they bother me!

Gifted or Purchased

I want to make sure I am completely transparent in all reviews. Some of these items were graciously gifted to me by companies to try! This was not an agreement to sale their items or say good things about them. Simply to try them in daily life and give my honest opinion. All reviews are based on my actual experience!

Sweat and Milk – The Nursing Sports Bra
Nursing Bra Only

Venice High Impact Full Coverage Nursing Sports Bra (Camo)

Size Ordered : XL
Support : This Bra has amazing support. The padding stays in place and doesn’t fold up when washing although its pretty big. I’ve worked out in this and everything stays in place and feels secure.
Pumping : This specific Bra doesn’t work for pumping but the brand does have pumping bra’s available. (Check them out here)
Ease of Use : Easy, one handed use for clips. Nice cross back. Took a few times to figure out the best way to put it on but it’s pretty easy now.
Sleep Friendliness : I feel comfortable sleeping in this bra.
Comfort : Although this bra is a Sports Bra I enjoy wearing it on a daily basis in casual clothing.
Coverage/Modesty : Full Coverage. I love that my large breast aren’t spilling out. I feel confident to work out in this bra without a t-shirt and wouldn’t feel uncomfortable if someone came in.
Things To Consider : I like the padding but for some it may be a bit too much as you can sometimes see it through your shirt.
This bra was gifted in exchange for an honest review.

Davin and Adley (The Autumn) – The Modest Bra
Nursing and Pumping Bra

Autumn Maternity, Nursing & Pumping Bralette

Size Ordered : XL
Support : This bra has great support
Pumping : Pumping is extremely easy in this bra. The opening works with all flanges from multiple brands.
Ease of Use : Access for breastfeeding and pumping is an ease with this bra. No clips to open and close and openings for flanges are super easy.
Sleep Friendliness : Comfy and keeps everything in place.
Comfort : Super comfortable and I would wear it under casual clothing while out.
Coverage/Modesty : The most modest nursing/pumping bra out there. Most people don’t care about modesty in a bra but if you are going to be feeding in public or pumping in an area that you are concerned about coverage, this is the bra for you!
Things To Consider : I wish I would have ordered a size smaller. Since it doesn’t have adjustable straps, I felt that it stretched out and there’s not a way to make it tighter.
This bra was gifted in exchange for an honest review.

Cake Maternity – The Casual Nursing Bra
Nursing and Pumping Bra

Lotus Hands-free Pumping Bra

Size Ordered : XL
Support : Not very supportive for larger breast
Pumping : This bra is designed for nursing and pumping. Pumping access is extremely easy and quick without using any type of clips to open or close. It holds the weight of flanges and full bottles of milk.
Ease of Use : Easy on / Easy off
Sleep Friendliness: I’m not a fan of sleeping in this bra because of the flexibility of the fabric.
Comfort : This bra is super comfy and something I would wear around the house on a daily basis. I wouldn’t wear this outside of my house for my own personal preferences.
Coverage/Modesty : Nope and Nope. haha
Things To Consider : Nothing that hasn’t been mentioned above.
This bra was gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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