Things I Googled After Having A Baby

When you’re preparing for a new baby you are quick to get all the books that will hopefully teach you all you need to know. As you’re reading you start to feel empowered and can give facts and tricks for newborn life. Your conversations start with “I read that…” or “I heard that…” or “I plan to…”. Maybe it was just me, but after going through childbirth and being sleep deprived, everything I read was distant from my mind! I couldn’t remember half of what I learned (and still can’t remember even 16 wpp). I did what most people do and turned to Google for sound advice. 😂

The internet can be a scary place full of nonsense, but it’s also a pot of gold with lots of people that have wisdom and have been trained to help you! I went back and looked at everything I googled the first few days and laughed at myself. I figured I’d share the most helpful links and information that helped me. Just click on the question for the article that helped me!

Share some of you funny google searches in the comments!

Are swaddles safe?

How long should you feed a newborn?

Light safety for newborns?

Infant inserts for newborns?

Do hiccups hurt babies?

Do you warm milk that was recently pumped?

How long does it take for episiotomy stitches to heal?

Tips for swaddling

Breastfeeding positions

White dots on baby nose

Newborn baby choking while breastfeeding

Will baby’s eyes stay grey?

Best app to track baby?

There’s much more that I’ve googled since the first few weeks but these are the ones that stood out to me!

Share some of you funny google searches in the comments!

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  1. These are funny lol. How are you doing now with Brooklyn? Have you gotten some good advice from your parents, mom, other believers and also I know God has helped you with wisdom and figure some things out. You’re awesome with these posts. Your daughter is so beautiful!

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