Our Babymoon With Getaway House

So we all know that when you get married, you go on a Honeymoon with your love and spend some time just the two of you! Well lucky for us, there’s a new trend for soon to be parents called a Babymoon! But for us, there’s a pandemic happing right now and we haven’t been able to get away just the two of us… Until now! At the beginning of this week (and at 36 weeks pregnant) we got the opportunity to get away at a Getaway House near Houston, TX. It was only a 50 minute drive from our home! Here’s a little about our trip!

This trip was generously gifted to us by Getaway House! All opinions are my own. Thank you to the Getaway House team for sponsoring our stay! Also, make sure to stay all the way to the end for fun photo inspo and a promo code to plan your next getaway!


I’ve seen Getaway House pop up on my Instagram for awhile now. These adorable tiny homes are in secluded wooded areas and feature a small space that feels like you’re living in nature. Totally not something a city girl would naturally go for but it kept standing out to me. One day I decided to look into it and found out they opened an Outpost very close to Houston! When I realized that we wouldn’t be able to actually travel and enjoy a bigger trip for our Babymoon, I thought this would be a great little Getaway for the two of us before our girls arrival.

When we arrived, we drove down a long gravel road to many little houses. Each tiny house is tucked into its own space and surrounded by tall trees. Even though the Houston Outpost has 46 tiny homes, you would never know. You feel secluded and barely see another person. They do their best to keep things in line and make sure you’re surrounded by nature and peace and not distracted by noisy neighbors.


I did my best to plan for this trip and let me tell you, it did not go as planned! We were just about to leave home when we realized that there was a leak from our AC to our laundry room and the space we were storing Brooklyn’s things! Totally not the way to start a getaway. We quickly (not that quickly) moved things out, cleaned up water, and prayed that Brooklyn’s things weren’t damaged. (Thankfully only one thing got damage) After waiting for our maintenance team to come and find a fix, we packed our bags and left.


We arrived to our tiny home about 3 hours after our check in time. We were welcomed with a sweet note and a Smore’s kit! (I love anything Smore’s so that was a perk for me!) The tiny home was just that… TINY! It was adorable. Honestly, I was so impressed with how they used each space so creatively. The kitchen had everything we needed including storage for the food we packed which helped to keep things clutter free. The mini fridge was actually more spacious than I thought it would be and I’m glad because I may have over packed. ha. There were spaces under the bed and over the kitchen space for luggage to be stored away. I’ve watched tiny home tv shows (yes, I’m that girl) and it was so fun so see how creative people could get with the space given. This team absolutely knew how to make the space work!

After settling our things and resting for a bit we made tacos for dinner, started a fire and spent some time outdoors. Even though we are in Texas, the evening time wasn’t too hot. After awhile, we came in to get some rest for the next day. This is where things take a turn! (Disclaimer: I do not blame the following on Getaway House! It’s pregnancies fault haha)


I could not sleep! Even though the bed in our tiny home was comfy and surprisingly spacious, I had a really rough night. I brought my pregnancy pillow with me but I just could not get comfortable. On top of that, the AC didn’t have the best circulation. (I was a little afraid to lower it too much and didn’t want it to freeze over so it was a bit frustrating) So between getting up to use the restroom, trying to get comfy, and sweating bullets.. it just wasn’t a great sleep experience. Ramiro didn’t sleep well because he was worried that I would fall while getting up multiple times throughout the night. Overall, I probably got 3ish hours of sleep. About 6:30am, we opened the shade to let the sun rise while we laid there. Now THAT VIEW was worth it. I enjoyed seeing it brighten throughout the morning!

After a mini, sleepy, pregnant breakdown, we decided to enjoy the rest of our day and head home that evening (we had one more night booked). I just knew I would need a good nights rest to make it through my work week and home is where I would get it. We spent the day taking pictures, eating, relaxing, reading, and got to talk about how excited we are for this new adventure of parenthood. Those were the moments I was looking forward to and I’m so glad we got to have those memories.


Of course one of the most fun parts of a trip like this is getting to take some fun pictures that you wouldn’t be able to capture in any other location! We had fun getting a couple shots of the belly while we were there. Since I’m so far along in my pregnancy, I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to do some of the things that I would have enjoyed before pregnancy. I thought we could go on the trails and enjoy the outdoors a bit more but let’s just say.. it’s harder to breathe these days and also harder to move around. So we just laid around and rested. I gave Ramiro the job of iPhone photographer and we got some cute memories to show Brooklyn one day. I’m just going to make her think I’m more adventurous than I really am! haha


Absolutely! I think the idea of a night or two away in a Getaway House is so worth it! Would I recommend it to a 36 week pregnant woman for a Babymoon? Probably not. haha

The experience was still fun even with the setbacks we had. These little homes can help you to disconnect from a very busy world. Sometimes you just need to Getaway and I love that you can do it with an easy drive, super close to home.

Getaway House is giving my friends $25 off of your stay with the code JAMIGARCIA when you book! They are taking extra persuasions during this time to make sure that your space is safe. I hope you can take a break soon get away to relax! Book your Getaway HERE!


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