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Mothers Day is around the corner and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to! Even though my little one is still in my belly, I’m celebrating! Haha! I’ve been getting lots of goodies in the mail throughout my pregnancy and I thought it’d be fun to share some things I’ve loved and have been using. I’m putting them into categories but many of them are interchangeable. I’m basing it off of my limited experience… So take it however you want!

If you know someone expecting or someone that’s in the sleepy newborn days, here are somethings you can do to make their first Mothers Day Special in this tough time.

Disclaimer : Many of the items I’m sharing about were gifted to me by the companies. However, I’m sharing these based off of my personal recommendation. I was not asked to share and I’m not receiving anything from posting this! Even if you click the links (I ain’t that fancy yet)

For The Expecting Mom

Leach Co

It’s no surprise that I’m sharing about my amazing pregnancy pillow! It has been a huge help to me and made sleeping so much more comfortable. They have many different types but the Back ‘N Belly has been a God Send for me!

Offer : For Mother’s Day they are offering 20% site wide until May 10th!


Hatch Collection

Hatch has some amazing clothing and goodies for Moms. One of my favorite items is their Belly Oil! This stuff is amazing and luxurious. It’s absolutely worth the price tag and would be a nice gift for an expecting Mama!

Offer : They have two adorable sets that would be a great gift! “Mama Must Haves” and “Belly Besties“.


Kindred Bravely

One thing I’ve loved from Kindred Bravely is their Sleeping Bra. I’ve tried one other brand and Kindred Bravely was 100 times better! They also have many comfy and cute items that are good for pregnancy but also for postpartum.

Offer : Right now they have 20-40% off comfy lounge clothing. Some even coming in under $35. And lets be real.. during quarantine this is what we are mostly wearing!

Buy A Gift From Her Registry

Here’s one thing that would really bless an expecting Momma. Ask for the link to her registry!

In these uncertain times, many woman are on the fence about if they will be able to celebrate with family and friends. Baby showers are what brings in some of the most essential items an expecting family needs. Baby showers are about more than presents, it’s about celebrating together and making memories! However, the gifts help lift the load of things needed to provide and care for a new little one. So think about asking for the Mommy to Be’s registry. No doubt she’s worked on it during quarantine and it would be a blessing if you could get something for her that she has been eyeing!


For The New Momma

Haakaa Manuel Breast Pump

So this item, I can’t really review but I’ve heard so many good things that I just think you should get it for a breastfeeding Mom! There are a few different options and it may be awkward to give someone something like this but it’s available at target and amazon so maybe a gift card with a funny note would work! Then she can go and pick one out!


Solly Baby

It’s no surprise that baby wearing is a thing these days. It’s one thing I genuinely look forward to! And I’ve been blessed with a wrap from Solly Baby. Although I haven’t used it yet, I know its something many women look forward to getting from registries. Solly Baby has an adorable Mother’s Day Bundle that would be a luxurious surprise! If the bundle is out of your price range, consider a wrap. They have a BOGO deal right now. And remember, this gift is for Mom so don’t be tempted by the swaddles! (unless it’s in addition to what you’ve already gotten for Mom!)


For The Hopeful Mommy

There are many hopeful future Moms out there, as well as woman that may not have a joyful story to share just yet. If you know of someone dealing with the loss of a child or someone believing for a miracle and working through infertility, consider getting them something just to show you care and acknowledge where they are. This can be very sensitive but if it’s on your heart, and your intentions are to bless them, something like Flowers or a Sweet Treat Delivery can ease the pain that Mother’s Day may bring. I know that if I weren’t expecting our new little one, this Mother’s Day would be difficult. A little encouragement goes a long way and you could do that for someone!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping to continue this pattern of posting and sharing my thoughts and experiences. Feel free to comment any other good gift ideas below!

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