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Hi Curly Girls [and Guys]!

I’m so excited to share about another wonderful brand I’ve discovered! I started following Bounce Curl months ago and heard amazing things about their gel. Well I’m here to say that I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS! I’m so grateful that Bounce Curl was so kind to send over some products for me to try. [Thanks guys!]

This blog post was made in collaboration with Bounce Curl. All products were gifted by Bounce Curl and all opinions on products are my own.


Bounce Curl is pretty well known in the social media word. Their founder, @MisMmo, has a chemistry background and decided to put it to use by creating product for her own curly hair. She deserves a HUGE Thank You card because now we get to use the goods!

Bounce Curl is committed  to creating products based on plant derived ingredients. It has NO harsh chemicals, NO silicones, NO parabens, NO Sulfates, NO PEG’s, NO DEA/MEA, & NO animal testing. It’s Color Safe & Vegan.

Bounce Curl is Curly Girl Method Approved. {You can do a happy dance now}

Below, I’m sharing about the products I received but what works for me might not be best for you! Thankfully Bounce Curl’s website includes a quiz to help you find products that fit YOUR needs! Feel free to take the quiz but make sure to keep reading because there’s  a discount code for you below!









Enzyme Gentle Clarifying Shampoo : Since I’ve fully yielded to the curly girl ways I tend to do co-washes (which don’t lather) over regular shampoos. I’ve read many things about cleansing your hair but not losing our natural oils. Since I’ve gotten used to using lather free cleansers I was a bit nervous to try this out. But, honestly, I thought this product worked great! It did take some getting used to but I think this will be a great addition to my routine. Because I try not to use heavy products I think a clarifying shampoo is only a once a month thing for me. [click here for more details on this product]


Hydra-Drench Cleansing Conditioner : This cleansing conditioner is wonderful! When I talk about a “co-wash” this is exactly that. It does not lather which takes a little getting used to. I feels like a conditioner but has a cleansing ingredient. It moisturizes your hair and cleans it at the same time. This doesn’t replace your conditioner. But its great for adding even more moisture which I need in this Texas heat. This product is EXTRA THICK. I actually only apply this to my scalp and allow it to rinse out dirt as a wash it out. [click here for more details on this product]


Bounce Curl Super Smooth Cream Conditioner : This conditioner detangles and hydrates your hair. It’s also very thick so I apply and add a little water to detangle. [click here for more details on this product]



*NEW* Moisture Balance Leave-In Conditioner : So you’re probably wondering why we need a leave in conditioner if everything else is “so moisturizing”.  Think of a leave in as a “primer” for your hair. It is best for wash and go styling. Apply this right before you add any creams or gels. It is concentrated; you will only need to use a small amount! [click here for more details on this product]


*NEW* Avocado & Rose Oil Clump and Define Cream : This styling cream is new and awesome! This can be used alone or with a gel on top. I personally like to use a cream to create defined curls before adding any gels to seal. This product is concentrated so try using a little and building on top to find what works best for you. It should last you awhile! [click here for more details on this product]


* Light Creme Gel : I love this gel! It’s lightweight but has awesome hold. It’s a mix of a gel (80%) and cream (20%). It locks in your curl shape but isn’t heavy. It also didn’t have much of a “crunch” when styling for the first time. When I tried refreshing it did leave a little “crunch” but not enough for me to dislike it. Bounce Curl does mention that this hair gel does not mix with ALL hair brands. Mixing it with Bounce Curl products will get you the best results. [click here for more details on this product]


After trying these products out I’m positive that I will continue to use them.

So here are my results.

Day One – First I washed with the Clarifying Shampoo followed by the Super Smooth Cream Conditioner. I used the leave in as a primer then layered the Clump and Define Cream and Light Cream Gel.

Day Two – Refreshed… Just added water!

Day Three – Refreshed with water, creme, and gel. Just a little of each.


Round two of Bounce Curl Results!

Day One – The only difference from the week before is using The Cleansing Conditioner to wash! I loved it! Much closer to what I’m used to!

Day Two – Only Added Water – [still amazes me that this works]


The best place to buy these products is via !


Bounce Curl is in the middle of the scale for pricing ranging from $18-$25 for products. But I have a 10% off code JAMI10! Go take advantage of that! There is a 30 day money back return policy so it’s safe to give it a try.


Thanks for coming along on this curl journey!

Happy Hair Days!



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