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I’m so excited to share with you my first ever Curly Try Guide! There are so many products out there and it can be really overwhelming because you want to try them ALLLLLLL. Not to mention, the cost that adds up. Your beauty budget can be blown so quickly when deciding which products to try. In these post you will find my own personal experiences as well as details on the brand. I will do my best to organize it all for each brand to make this task of deciding even more endurable. So let’s get started on the first Curly Brand I have to bring to you.


Curl Mix is the first brand I’m bringing to you! I heard about the on (drum roll please)… SHARK TANK! I love Shark Tank and when I saw this company come up I was rooting for them to get a deal. They were given and offer and declined it but because of the show they got lots of exposure. After seeing them on tv they started popping up everywhere. I started looking into their products and couldn’t wait to try them! I reached out and asked if I could give their products a try and they were so gracious to send me the whole Vanilla Berry Wash + Go System. (Thank you CurlMix!)


I got the opportunity to use these products for two weeks and I have to say that they got better with time. My first day using it I felt like my hair was too crunchy for my taste. The curls were defined and looked amazing but I wasn’t sure about how it actually made my hair feel. After my second Wash Day using it I realized that I was using way too much. (My bad.. I was excited).

Here are my results.

Day One – Wash and Conditioned and styled with Pure Avocado Moisturizer and Pure Flaxseed Gel.

Day Two – Refreshed with water and Pure Flaxseed Gel.

Day Three – Refreshed with Pure Avocado Moisturizer.


The next wash day I styled with the Pure Flaxseed Gel only and I did enjoy the texture a little more. I wanted to try too cut back to see if it made a difference with the crunch and it did! However, this wash day only lasted 2 days because I needed it up and out of my face. Ha.


My latest wash day was using everything I used on the first wash day but using less product and I was very pleased with the outcome. If something doesn’t work best the first time make sure to give it another try. Sometimes is really us that makes it not work.



I got the Vanilla Berry scent and its amazing!


These products are A LOT thinner than I am used to. A little goes a long way so pump a little at a time.


  • Step 1 – Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo
  • Step 2 – Pure Grapeseed Conditioner
  • Step 3 – Pure Avocado Moisturizer
  • Step 4 – Pure Flaxseed Gel


If you are like and want to try the whole line, getting their Wash + Go System is the way to go. You get 4 items for $80-$88. This is the best deal. (See below for a discount code to get 20% off!)

If you’re hesitant to purchase them all and just want to give the stylers a try you can purchase them individually for $18-$25. (You can still get the discount with the code below)


You can purchase CurlMix on their online store. I have great news! CurlMix is giving my friends 20% off their first purchase! So if you’re wanting to try something, now is the time to get it! You’ve got a month to do is so move your monies around and make it happen!


CurlMix is so awesome that they created a quiz for those of us that don’t know what to choose. Take THIS QUIZ to find out which products are made with you in mind.

If you get to buy them, come back and tell me about your experience!

Mucho Love!


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