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Hello Curly Friends!

Today I’m here to talk about one of our least favorite subjects… Hair. Cuts.

I know, I know. For us curly girls the thought of cutting our locs that took foreeeeever to grow out makes us want to cringe. But let me ease your mind, it’s sooooo needed and absolutely worth it. I’ve never been very good at the upkeep when it came to hair cuts. For one, getting a short hair cut is what got me in this unhealthy mess to begin with. Secondly, I chose to do a big chop to start fresh. Now here I am two years later and I’m finally feeling confident with my hair.

Last July I went on a work trip to New York and realized that there was a Devachan (Deva Curl) salon there and I squeezed my way into a last-minute with a stylist I stalked on Instagram (Shout-out to Nevila!). Once getting in I was so pleased with my first ever Deva Cut. I recently returned to New York to get another cut and this time I got some pictures to share. And don’t worry, you don’t have to fly to New York for a cut. More on that later.


Getting your curls cut is different from those with straight hair. I remember always straightening my hair before getting it cut so the stylist wouldn’t “mess up my hair”. But then when I would wash it and make it curly again it would have this awkward pyramid shape. (Not very flattering). When getting a curly cut, you want your stylist to cut your hair completely dry and with little to no product in it. Let me prepare you, it may not be pretty going into your appointment.(see funny photos below) This allows the stylist to see the natural shape of your curls. How they fall, how they move, and gives a glimpse into the health of your hair. (That will help with the types of products they may suggest.)

As your hair gets healthier, the cuts will look different. Even to a curl by curl cut. If your stylist wants to wash your hair before cutting, run away. (Disclaimer: I know there are company’s out there that actually do cut curly hair wet and that’s how they were trained. If you like their work and trust them, you do you.)


Deva Curl has been the leading brand in all things curly for the past 25 years. They have been ahead of the rest in training curly girls on what to do with their hair. Yes… there are people who have known the tips and tricks for years, but Deva Curl has been the one to help these clueless curlies learn what to do.

Deva Curl prides themselves in knowledge of hair and their products. I chose to do a Deva Cut because I knew that the person cutting my hair would have enough knowledge and skill and would walk me through what I should (and should not) be doing.

Now Deva Cuts are not priced like Super Cuts but I would absolutely suggest doing a Deva Cut if you can afford one. Give up a few sales and coffees and you should be ok. Below I’ve added a link to their website to find someone certified by them in your area. Prices are based on the level of ability but I’m telling you, it’s worth it to have someone who knows exactly what they are doing.




This is what you’re really here for so here you go.

First Ever Deva Cut

Here is a look at my first ever Deva Cut experience. As you can see, my curls were a bit wild. Curling but more wavy/frizz than actual spirals. After my first cut I was able to see actual spirals form. I also got a lot more volume. Now don’t laugh too hard at that middle part picture. Hahaha… Ok it’s fine if you did.




Second Deva Cut

My second time going in to see Nevila I was a lot more prepared and a lot less embarrassed of the condition of my hair. I also had a friend with me which made the experience even more fun! Going in this time I asked for more layers and a bit of framing around my face. I was surprised on how much my hair has grown over the year.



The Official Before and After

Just for fun, Here are some pictures of my past cuts. I didn’t love any of them. They helped me get here. But I wouldn’t do them again.





When looking for a stylist, google them, find their Instagram, see who tagged them, read reviews. Pictures don’t lie. Before committing, research!


When you’ve set up your appointment and met with your stylist make sure to talk to them. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to say “I have no idea what I’m doing with this hair”. Show them pictures of what you like and what you REALLY DON’T LIKE. You’re not paying all this money to walk away unhappy. It’s even ok to make a list of questions you have in your phone so you don’t forget.


Healthy curls don’t happen overnight. And you may not look like the Instagram Curly Girls right away. More than likely, those girls have been on this journey for years. You may not be blown away after your very first cut. Consistently is key. The cut can jump-start the process but there is sooooo much more to it. Take notes and find what works for you. I would suggest sticking to what works first and then once you know your hair, start trying new things.

My next goal is to get a trim ever 4-6 months. I will do my best to research and find someone great in Houston for you guys.

I sure hope this was helpful! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have below!



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4 thoughts on “Curl Class 2.o | Hair Cuts

  1. First, let me start by saying how much I love and appreciate your posts about your own curly hair journey and hair care, Jami! My hair has definitely been through it’s ups and downs, and posts like these ones have come to not only encourage me to continue on the path to achieve more healthy curly hair, but they have also inspired me to be more confident as well while on the journey 😌

    P.S. Ever since you’ve hooked me on to the Deva Curl products, I’ve been considering for awhile now getting a DevaCut, SO PLEASE let me know once you find a great stylist here in Houston! 💕

    1. You’re so encouraging friend! I’m so glad you’re finding these helpful and I love seeing you rock your natural curls. We’re on this journey together!

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey! I’m scheduled for my first dry cut with Laura McGraw in Pearland and can’t wait to see the results! Unfortunately it is not until July due to my schedule but I’ll let you know how it goes!

    1. Hi Emily!

      I’m so glad your enjoying this info! Yay for hair cuts. You will for sure see a change. Please let me know how your appointment goes. I’d love to hear about your experience. <3

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