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Hello Friends!

I’m baaaack! Some of you may not know, but i’m not new to this blogging thing. I started a blog and stayed pretty consistent with it for about 2 years! I would write about ministry life, single life, and things Jesus was helping me grow in. Honestly, life got busy so I took a break. Since then, I have started working at an amazing church (Lakewood Church), married my best friend (Ramiro Garcia), and I’m still learning to balance it all. It’s been a beautiful season and now I’m ready to get back to it! So here we are. Here’s a little about why I’ve decided to start blogging again.

This past summer our church hosted an amazing 3 day conference (Hope & Life Conference) and our theme was “Great it is to Dream”. Those three days were packed with awesome speakers and wonderful worship. My prayer for this conference was for God to remind me of dreams that I may have forgotten. Truthfully, I feel like I’m living the dream now but because of that I haven’t really been pursuing anything that wasn’t instantly accessible. On the second day of conference, I was reminded of a dream God gave me on June 20th, 2006. A dream that I’m already starting to see come to pass in my life. That just gave me another boost to seek God for whats next.

I’ve always loved to encourage people. To help people seek God and push them toward their dreams. I love the saying, “No one has ever overdosed on encouragement.” And that’s so true. People need encouraging. People need to hear that they are doing a great job and that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. And that’s partially what this space is for. So I hope you are able to connect to some of the HEART things I’ll share here.

Another reason I decided to start writing again is because I’m a new fan of sharing and reviewing products… and not just ones I get for free! 😂 Being a newlywed ((yes, I still consider us newlyweds 2 years in)), I’ve had to learn how to take care of a home. Cooking, Cleaning, Cleaning, Cooking.. it never stops. But its an honor to be the keeper of a HOME. So I figured I would share some of the tips I’ve tried, things I’ve figured out, and opinions on products I like! I’m not in anyway an expert at this thing, so some things I think work may change over time. If you are into those types of post, I hope you’ll come back to visit.

When I decided to start blogging again I got so excited to create something! I wanted to make it cute with a color palette and pictures of me looking like I’m living my best life. I started to feel overwhelmed and pushed it off. Then I was reminded that sometimes you just have to start. Just do something. So this is my something.

I can’t promise that I’ll post once a week or in any type of pattern but I can tell you that I’m excited to share some fun things. I hope that this becomes a place you can come to be encouraged and inspired and entertained.


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34. Houston, TX. Wife to Ramiro. Mommy to Brooklyn. Creative Assistant and Worship Leader and Lakewood Church. Passionate about encouraging people to be their best. I also love my curls and want to share about all things curly!

9 thoughts on “Dream Again

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. Being in your 30’s and trying to find yourself is a bit challenging. Juggling career choices and personal life can sometimes have someone feel overwhelmed. Therefore, thank you for the encouragement and I’m excited for your blog

  2. I’m looking forward to reading along. You always leave me uplifted and encouraged. “No one ever overdosed on encouragement.” 👈🏻That’s so good and so so true. I love you dearly 💛

  3. God bless you Jamie! It’s the first time seeing a blog from you. I know it’ll be fantastic and helpfu! I am so excited to see which is the next 😄

  4. So happy you are back. I found this blog when you first started leading worship(I watch online and love your voice). I will look forward to new postings😀

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